Plus Size Woman in nice clothesFeature Article: Plus Sized? What Not to Wear

As a plus sized woman, I know the challenges that bigger women face when shopping for fashionable and affordable clothing. For some reason, designers of plus size clothing lines think that curvier women don't want to dress in the newest trends. So many times, I have left a plus size section of a department store completely distraught by both the lack of trendy options or the just plain ugliness of the clothing! I am a curvy girl in my mid twenties and I do not want to wear a moo moo style dress with a loud floral print or a pair of jeans with a large butterfly on the back pocket. Most often, I just want what the skinny girls wear, only in a bigger size. But, no matter what the fashion statement you want to make, there are just some things that big girls should never ever wear.

With so many designers beginning to embrace curvier girls, it is tempting to want to wear certain fashion trends that simply just do not look good on a larger frame. I must start with the so called skinny jean phenomenon that has swept through the fashion world recently. They are called skinny jeans for a reason. This is because only a very thin girl looks fashionable wearing them. Plus sized women should stick to wearing dark wash, boot cut jeans that de-emphasize larger thighs and backsides. Again, I am a plus sized woman and I can say with 100 percent assuredness that no plus size girl looks good in this particular trend.

Another trend that I see abused quite often are leggings. While leggings can be flattering on any body type if paired with the right outfit, they can also be a fashion disaster on a curvier girl. Most often, plus sized girls want to wear leggings with an extremely short dress or shirt. Leggings are meant to be worn as an accessory to your outfit, not draw more attention to your thighs and butt. Most of the time, your thighs, hips, and bottom look twice as large in leggings and what plus sized girl wants that? I most certainly do not. Also stay away from most patterned and colored leggings as well. If you choose to wear them, stick with a dark pair in a thicker material under a dress that covers your butt and thighs. Leggings are not pants and will not provide you with the same amount of coverage and support that jeans would.

A third fashion trend that larger women should stay away from are halter tops. If you are anything like me, then you need some support up top! Halter tops provide no support whatsoever and they most often come with built in bras which are pretty much useless for a large chested woman. Halter tops are just not flattering on a curvier girl. If you do find one that you have to have, try pairing it with a nice cardigan sweater. You will be fashionable and preserving some modesty simultaneously.

Finding clothes as a plus size girl is never going to be easy. It takes patience, time, and effort to find fashionable clothing that looks good on your curvier body. But, it is doable. I have been a plus sized woman for many years and every day another designer is coming out with newer options for us bigger girls. But, no matter how many options there are out there to choose from, always remember to use discretion when buying. The object of the game here is to pick things that flatter your body type not to draw negative attention to your curvier frame. Embrace your curves but, embrace them in a way that shows the entire world just how beautiful your body really is!

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